I will be at EA Global San Francisco this month. You can catch me as one of three panelists at the Strategic Movement-Building for Wild-Animal Suffering panel, where we’ll be talking about appealing to mainstream experts, framing wild-animal suffering in a way that counters common objections, and avoiding making the entire EA movement look like a bunch of weirdos.

Also, this month I am going to be moving out of a house on Ward Street, the rationalist hub in Berkeley; contact me at ozyfrantz@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Effective Altruism

Reducing Wild Animal Suffering literature library— a fascinating collection of papers about empirical, theoretical, and moral aspects of RWAS.

Argument against prediction markets.

Triple-counting impact in EA.

Postmortem of a failed happiness app. I would like to congratulate Michael Plant on his honest and forthright admission of failure; we need more of this in EA.

Detailed criticism of the chapter on existential risk in Stephen Pinker’s Enlightenment Now. “So far as I can tell, almost every paragraph of the chapter contains at least one misleading claim, problematic quote, false assertion, or selective presentation of the evidence.” Beware the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect!

Is biodiversity as important as people claim?

Discourse Norms

A conflict about a two-person protest at the University of Nebraska goes national. A very good, in-depth case study of a single campus free speech case, going beyond the headlines.

ACE intervention report on the effects of protests, which may also be of interest to activists who aren’t involved in animal activism. Many of the points may generalize.

Linking this less for the object-level points and more for the interesting example of how different conversations can look for different people.

I’m not sure this post about the King of Cambodia is worth reading, but lèse-majesté laws are evil and I feel a duty to signal-boost posts violating it as much as possible.


I think this essay‘s claims about women in general are incorrect– people are more diverse than that– but it’s a very vivid depiction of one particular way internalized sexism affected a particular person.

Anti-heterosexual hate crimes basically don’t exist, but police inaccurately report that they do.

Just Plain Neat

DNA blunder creates serial killer.

What would you do if a bank glitch gave you one and a half million dollars?

The new cartoonist for eighty-year-old newspaper comic Nancy is actually… good?

Dirtbag Sappho.

Bad stock photos.