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1. What discourse norms do you tend to follow? Why? Do you think everyone else should follow them, and why?

I try to always be polite, and more to the point, to always express myself in a way that implies I respect the person I’m talking to. I don’t always succeed in this, but it’s my goal. Why? Because I think being kind is better. And because I function better when people aren’t treating me with contempt, and so it seems best for me to try to avoid treating others with contempt.

But I don’t think everyone else should follow my norms. Some people would feel that they can’t communicate if they have to do it in a civil fashion. It’s better to have a variety of communities with a variety of norms, so that more people are able to find a community they can function in well.

2. What is the true reason, deep down, that you believe what you believe? What piece of evidence, test, or line of reasoning would convince you that you’re wrong about your ideology?

I believe in kindness. I believe that the best society is that which provides as many people as possible with a happy and satisfying life.

I can’t think of any evidence that would cause me to change that belief – it’s a prior, really, and thus not subject to evidence. But I can certainly think of things that would cause me to change my policy preferences.

So if – for example – it were shown, with really excellent evidence that is then replicated by equally excellent peer-reviewed published research a dozen times over, that being lesbian or gay or bi makes people sad even in an accepting society, and that conversion therapy has been empirically shown over and over to make LGB people happier and more satisfied, then that would cause me to change my mind about a lot of my policy preferences.

3. Explain Gamergate.

The instigating event was a bitter ex-boyfriend’s public attack on his game designer ex- girlfriend. But the underlying explanation was that there’s a fuck load of misogynistic men in gaming who resent feminism and are furious that “SJWs” keep on critiquing video games and in some cases are having an impact.