On the anti-social-justice side, I am pleased to announce that Toggle, author of SJ #10, has won the Intellectual Turing Test. With an astonishing 91% of voters classifying him as a pro-social-justice person, he beat not only the other anti-social-justice participants but, in fact, all of the pro-social-justice participants. Let us cover him with glory and honor. Our runners-up are blacktrance (63%, author of #14) and my lovely husband Topher Brennan (64%, author of #2).

On the pro-social-justice side, our winner is Daniel, author of anti-SJ #2, with 85% of the vote. Our runners-up are Barry Deutsch (75%, author of #3), tcheasdfjkl (73%, author of #15), al-Aziz (70%, author of #6), Sylocat (70%, author of #11), Carl (61%, author of #10), and Data and Philosophy (55%, author of #17).

No one won the Strawman Award for Poorly Representing Your Own Side.

As you can see, there are two people on the SJ side who only turned in one submission: Data and Philosophy, who only turned in an anti-SJ submission, and Henry, who only turned in a pro-SJ submission. I ran both in the interests of confusing the audience.

By popular demand, about halfway through the ITT I switched the polls to a format that required the voter to identify themselves as pro-SJ or anti-SJ. This was to assuage concerns that anti-social-justice writers who played to the stereotypes of anti-social-justice readers would win the ITT without understanding the other side. The sample is unfortunately small, both because it was an change during the Turing Test and because of my own errors. However, the one disagreement was about al-Aziz, whom pro-SJ people consistently read as anti-SJ in spite of the fact that they are pro-SJ– the exact opposite of the usual concern.

In the anti-SJ Turing Test, there were two cases in which anti-SJ people and pro-SJ people disagreed with each other. Leonard (anti-SJ #7), who is anti-SJ, was read as being anti-SJ by SJ people and pro-SJ by anti-SJ people, perhaps because he is a neoreactionary. Meaningless Monicker (anti-SJ #9), who is pro-SJ, was perceived as anti-SJ by pro-SJ people and pro-SJ by anti-SJ people. In recognition of the fact that Meaningless Monicker won with only 51% of the vote, and it was pr-SJ people who pushed her over, I did not list her as a runner-up.

Full rankings appear below with links to their posts and other identifying information (if provided to me). The anti-SJ participants are ranked based on their score on the pro-SJ posts, while the pro-SJ participants are ranked based on their score on the anti-SJ posts.

Anti-SJ Rankings:

  1. Toggle, togglesbloggle on Tumblr, SJ #10, 91% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #4, 79% anti-SJ.
  2. Topher Brennan, SJ #2, 64% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #13, 84% anti-SJ.
  3. blacktrance, SJ #14, 63% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #8, 78% anti-SJ.
  4. Jossedley, SJ #7, 41% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #12, 78% anti-SJ.
  5. John/Literal Head Cannon, author of Ginny Weasley and the Sealed Intelligence, SJ #6, 40% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #1, 53% anti-SJ.
  6. Alexhard, SJ #12, 35% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #5, 59% anti-SJ
  7. Leonard, SJ #1, 30% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #7, 52% anti-SJ
  8. Meghan, SJ #5, 25% pro-SJ, anti-SJ #16, 87% anti-SJ

SJ Rankings:

  1. Daniel, ITT SJ #17, 71% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #2, 85% anti-SJ.
  2. Barry Deutsch, ITT SJ #15, 54% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #3, 75% anti-SJ.
  3. tcheasdfjkl, tchtchtchtchtch on Tumblr, ITT SJ #16, 84% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #15, 73% anti-SJ.
  4. al-Aziz, blogs at The Reconstructionist BlogITT SJ #9, 54% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #6, 70% anti-SJ.
  5. Sylocat, ITT SJ #11, 83% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #14, 70% anti-SJ
  6. Carl, ITT SJ #8, 80% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #10, 61% anti-SJ.
  7. Data and Philosophy, ITT anti-SJ #17, 55% anti-SJ.
  8. Meaningless Monicker, ITT SJ #3, 74% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #9, 51% anti-SJ.
  9. Katelyn Tempest Ailuros, wingedcatgirl on Twitter and Tumblr, ITT SJ #4, 84% pro-SJ, ITT anti-SJ #11, 15% anti-SJ.
  10. Henry, ITT SJ #13, 65% pro-SJ.