Aellagirl writes a really interesting guide to successfully camming. (Worth reading even if you’re not interested in camming for the insight into the business.)

As a change of pace, the Atlantic clutches its pearls about how people are having less sex. I make fun, but this is actually an interesting, albeit deeply flawed, read. It’s really unclear to me to what extent people having less sex is a result of positive trends– such as people not being coerced into sex they don’t want or people having enjoyable and satisfactory sex lives that consist primarily of writing about fictional characters having sex on Tumblr– as opposed to negative trends– such as people getting into Facebook arguments when they’d prefer to have sex or porn making miserable celibacy just tolerable enough that people don’t do anything about it. Excellent read for being appalled at straight people. 72% of women experienced pain the last time they had anal sex?! Some straight men apparently go around choking people without asking first?! Seriously, guys, do you need help?

Old article, but an interesting read: the Protestant sexual abuse crisis is more decentralized but just as far-ranging as the Catholic sexual abuse crisis, and Billy Graham’s grandson has set himself up as the person to fight it. Boz Tchividjian is a really admirable person and I salute him.


I’m sharing this article about the complications of Lasik less because I want to raise awareness about complications associated with Lasik and more because it’s a fascinating example of how our culture talks about disability. The eyes of people who get Lasik are repeatedly described as “healthy eyes”, despite the obvious fact that they are not: Lasik is a treatment for various medical conditions, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and myopia. The assistive tech for people with vision problems is hardly perfect: I once accidentally flushed my glasses down the toilet and had to call a friend to Seeing-Eye dog me to the glasses store. But they are normalized. It’s interesting to me that there does not seem to be any social pressure on people with myopia to cure our myopia at any cost, even though a cure is inexpensive and readily available. It’s also interesting to me that the cure is considered cosmetic (!) and not covered by insurance.

Just Plain Neat

Okay, fine, Payless, you got me to share your advertising stunt: Payless creates a fake luxury store, Palessi, and discovers a lot of fashion influencers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for twenty-dollar shoes.

How chain restaurant menus get made.

This is one of the greatest restaurant reviews of all time.