Who makes false rape accusations? Unfortunately limited, because many (perhaps most) rape cases are he-said she-said cases that can’t be reliably classified as true or false. Nevertheless, very interesting.

Alcohol use was always higher among the men who committed more assaults than among those who committed fewer, but trends in assault weren’t tied to trends in alcohol use… But the men who committed fewer assaults over time also reported falling rates of impulsivity, hostility toward women, and beliefs that supported rape.

Man mocked online for shaving on public transit turns out to be homeless and struggling with mental illness. Cringe culture is evil.

Yahweh’s example – not forcing others to labour while Yahweh rested – was one anybody in power was to imitate. It was not enough for you to rest; your children, slaves, livestock and even the ‘aliens’ in your towns were to rest as well. The Sabbath wasn’t just a time for personal reflection and rejuvenation. It wasn’t self-care. It was for everyone.”

Zetetic explanations. It’s hard to explain precisely what this is, which I think is why Hoffman gives us a worked example, but if you click on the link you will maybe acquire an interesting concept and definitely learn a lot of interesting things about yeast.

Moral systems with the same goals can recommend wildly different behavior day-to-day.

A really nice review of the science of obesity, by… the Huffington Post? Okay then.