Different kinds of risk and how to mitigate them.

Chronic sleep deprivation is bad. This is a pro-sleep blog. Please make sure you get enough sleep tonight.

It’s hard to pick a best line from the incomparable Nathan J. Robinson’s jeremiad against Bernie Sanders for not giving away his millions, but it’s a beautiful explanation for why the rich should give away our money.

Effective Altruism

“[A]cademics predicted that there is 1% chance of nuclear extinction risk in the 21st century.”

Some interesting critiques of effective altruist approaches to charity evaluation from a former GiveWell employee.

An interview with Melinda Gates, shared because of the horrifying fact that Bill Gates had to explain to Trump the difference between HPV and HIV more than once.

To improve education in the developing world, give children free food.


Why are online degrees so expensive?

Vaccines may not last as long as we believe they do.