For most of this blog’s history, the same four people have been getting in fights in the comments of often tangentially related posts about the broad topic of nerds, feminism, and dating. These fights sometimes become pretty heated. As this has been going on for several years, no progress has been made nor is there any sign that anyone involved has changed their minds, this is more of an effective altruism blog than a social justice blog these days anyway, and I personally am bored to tears by the subject, I am now banning conversations of this form from the comments of posts that are not directly related to nerds, feminism, and dating.

In the interests of avoiding a chilling effect and since the ban is relatively vague, I will not ban people for starting conversations about the topic. When such a conversation is happening, I will provide a warning and explain that the subject is not allowed. If the conversation continues after the warning, participants will be banned. I do not expect this to affect the commenting experience of anyone except those four people.

Getting off topic on any other subject is still encouraged.