Discourse Norms

The only purpose of redefining past atrocities as mental illness is to try and declaim responsibility as human beings for the darkest moments of our past.

Cass Sunstein on technocracy: “Among people on the left, if it turned out that a regulation on occupational safety would hammer the construction industry and have modest effects on safety, people committed to workplace safety would, behind closed doors, say, “Let’s not do that one.” Often, immersion in the facts often makes value disagreements feel much less relevant.

Benjamin Franklin’s debate rules.

Social Justice

In many teaching hospitals, students perform pelvic exams on anesthesized women who did not consent.

Joshua Harris, author of purity-culture evangelical dating manual I Kissed Dating Goodbye, has apologized and discontinued the book’s publication. I applaud him for having the courage to publicly admit his mistakes; that’s really hard.

Fascinating story about callout culture in hardcore punk music

How restorative justice works in practice.

Just For Fun

Things that are not as good as nicotine gum.

White House issues adorable report about socialism. Sample sentence: “The socialist narrative names the oppressors of the vulnerable, such as the bourgeoisie (Marx), kulaks (Lenin), landlords (Mao), and giant corporations (Sanders and Warren).”