Effective Altruism

From ~my husband~: foreign policy asks for the left; did Vasili Arkhipov really save the world?

Tips for inexpensive fun.

Preschools in Ghana have poor educational outcomes, in part because parents want good teaching and teachers believe that parents think lectures and tests are good pedagogy.

The EA Community and Long-Term Future Funds have failed to allocate over one and a half million dollars of donations.

Lessons about how to do cost-effectiveness analysis.

You can quit ICE.


GOP criticism of Trump has very real effects even if it doesn’t lead to action, including consolidating Republican opposition to Trump’s policies, causing Trump not to do things that might lead him to oppose them, and getting Trump to implement a more normal Republican policy agenda. A very interesting contrarian take.

Strange political ads of the past.

It’s okay to have fairly extreme policies because voters don’t care about policy.

Four tech optimists attempt to explain the 2016 election.

Mayor has to apologize after attempting to fine a couple $10,000 for painting their home like Starry Night.

“I fully recognize that the devil is in that “sometimes.” Some norms should be shattered, some should not. Some norm erosion undermines democracy, some enhances it. But that’s the real discussion we need to have: not a general toxin against norm erosion as somehow the bane of democracy — which may set us up for a centrist politics but not for a democratic one — but a more normatively informed discussion of what democracy requires.”

Social Justice

A deeply personal reflection on transition. “This is kind of a scary way of thinking about things because it means that trans people aren’t completely in control of our own genders. But isn’t that, in fact, the predicament we’re in? The reason misgendering feels so horrible is that, in that moment, the person misgendering you is effectively barring you from being your gender, at least socially. That’s the reason it feels oppressive. You’re literally being deprived of something important to you.”

Ronan Farrow takes down another powerful sexual harasser in entertainment.

Texas Forensic Science Commission finds that blood-spatter analysis is “not accurate or scientifically supported.”

Taxpayer-funded private schools teach that Satan created psychology, environmentalists hate people, and God used the American westward expansion to benefit the Indians.

Arrested Development’s disability humor is surprisingly progressive.


How the Pentagon downplayed the threat from a family of toxic chemicals.

Environmental justice— protecting the poor from, for example, having toxic waste dumps in their backyard– is actually really important.

Luxury housing as yuppie fishtanks: explaining YIMBYism without supply and demand. (Okay, this link fits in poorly here, but it fits in worse everywhere else!)

Just Plain Neat

The history of Jell-O salad.

Eleven writers’ horniest pop culture moments.

Interviews with several actors who play ugly characters. I’m glad most of them seem to be happy to get the part!

A message from the Unitarian Jihad.