Effective Altruism

Normal emotional challenges faced by altruists.

Lots of great advice about how best to run an EA group. Related: why groups should consider direct work.

Reducing risk of value drift.

Black people, Christians, and women are more likely than average to be interested in EA.

Advocating for diet change costs $310 per pig saved, which is inferior to GiveWell top charities.

Wiki of effective altruist cause areas. This is an incredibly cool resource.


From the Onion: tips for staying civil while debating child prisons.

Five myths about the gang MS-13.

Jared Kushner’s grandmother was a refugee.

The Discourse

A really great explainer about the Supreme Court’s recent crisis pregnancy center decision and why it might be a win for free speech.

The SPLC is the victim of [ETA: a threatened] frivolous defamation lawsuit.

Is economic research biased by partisanship? “There’s another problem with praising a “libertarian”, or any researcher with strong beliefs, for honesty when their research conclusions don’t fit narrow priors. It puts their research that does fit narrow priors under a cloud. But only people with strong beliefs are put to this test. No one gets suspicious when a moderate democrat produces lots of research that fits moderate democrat priors. Why not? Do you assume reality is moderate?”


How beautiful prose can conceal bad reasoning. (I like this because I’m a terrible prose stylist.)

Strategies for problem solving explained with mazes. I am not just linking this because of its use of Disney mazes, although that definitely helped.

Everyone is using the phrase “loss aversion” wrong.


One disabled woman’s experience of sexuality and body image. “When I realized I was essentially free, cast aside in the wild frontier of unacknowledged sexuality, things began to change for me. It’s not that I ceased to care how I looked altogether or that I stopped showering. It just meant I realized I had the power to choose what mattered to me.”

Disability-inclusive stock photos. This is really cool activism from a company one wouldn’t expect, actually!

Quad hands.

“In the total study population of more than 23,000 people (excluding the people on antidepressants), 6 percent reported depression. Among the users of just one of the drugs that have depression as an adverse effect, the prevalence increased to 7 percent. Among people taking two or more of the potentially depression-inducing drugs, the prevalence went up to 10 percent. And among people taking three or more of the drugs, the prevalence was 15 percent.” If you’re depressed and on any medication, it’s worth checking your meds against this database.

Modest goals for disability awareness.

Videos about scoliosis surgeries and whether it counts as “inspiration porn” if it reflects the disabled person’s own experiences.


Sharp spike in unmarried 22-35-year-old men who haven’t had sex in the last year, starting in 2008. At present, nearly twice as many men are celibate as women (14% vs. 8%). Internet porn?

Body positivity has been coopted. “An alarming percentage of the public conversation about which bodies our culture values or rejects pivots around models, actresses, and other professionally beautiful people reassuring what they seem to believe is a dubious public that they are, in fact, super hot.”


Just say Trump is racist.

AAVE is not Standard English with mistakes. Related: outline of AAVE grammar.

Telling white people they’re outnumbered makes them hate welfare.

Should indigenous tribes have the right to commit infanticide?


Christians work with prison guards to help them cope with the trauma of their jobs.

“Notice here that James does not say “Well done you good and faithful rich, for your industrious perseverance has made you successful.””

In contrast to historical depictions, Americans generally see God as young, Caucasian, and loving, but perceptions vary by believers’ political ideology and physical appearance. Liberals see God as relatively more feminine, more African American, and more loving than conservatives, who see God as older, more intelligent, and more powerful. All participants see God as similar to themselves on attractiveness, age, and, to a lesser extent, race.

Just Plain Neat

The Pyramids of Giza are near a Pizza Hut, and other disappointments.

Dirtbag Catullus.

The Fermi paradox has been solved.

In defense of slice of life stories.