Lifelonglearner has an excellent instrumental rationality sequence which is the best thing I’ve read on LW 2.0 so far. See also their post about how self-help should be self-defeating (but often isn’t).

In Defence of Epistemic Modesty. I don’t 100% agree but I think the world would be a better place if more people took into account the considerations in this post. (Also, there should be MORE POLLING OF EXPERTS so that I can do epistemic modesty properly.)


High rates of male loneliness and what we as a culture can do about them. Content warning: extremely depressing, especially if you are lonely yourself or care about someone at high risk of loneliness.

Second-trimester abortions often medically necessary and tragic.

Ronan Farrow, whose father raped his sister and got away with it due to being famous, helps uncover Harvey Weinstein, a man who raped women for decades and got away with it due to being famous. I feel like this would make an amazing biopic.

All 31 school shooters between 1995 and 2015 experienced “emasculating bullying” due to their failure to conform to masculine gender roles. “It seems to me that the feminist mainstream is eager to condemn the brutality of masculinity and the violent excesses of men, but surprisingly reluctant to concern itself with the violent brutalisation of boys that instils that brutality in the first place. If we genuinely want to challenge male violence, if we want to reduce male violence, if we want to dismantle the very foundations of patriarchy, it seems to me that is precisely where we need to begin.”

Corporate sexual harassment trainings don’t work.

Miscellaneous Social Justice

Private, court-appointed guardians sell the possessions and control the lives of seniors, the vast majority of whom they did not meet before becoming the person’s guardian, without their consent.

Civil rights activism was never popular. “Only 22 percent of all Americans approved of the Freedom Rides, and only 28 percent approved of the sit-ins. The vast majority of Americans—60 percent—had “unfavorable” feelings about the March on Washington. As FiveThirtyEight notes, in 1966, 63 percent of Americans had a negative opinion of Martin Luther King.”

Six people charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the Flint water crisis.

Jeff Sessions has a surprisingly good record on prosecuting hate crimes.

Effective Altruism

In an excellent use of financial resources, FBI does multistate hunt for two dying piglets rescued by animal rights advocates, probably for the purpose of intimidating advocates into silence. Content warning: detailed descriptions of factory farming, including pictures.


Bonobos not actually hypersexual matriarchal peaceful egalitarians.[Comments suggest this may actually be a poor source; I’m leaving the link up for now, but take it with a grain of salt, and I am interested in responses from any biologists who happen to be reading.]

Open Philanthropy report on anti-aging research. I think I’m supposed to like it from an effective altruism perspective but I actually just like it as a source of technobabble for science fiction.

Just Plain Neat

Aesop’s fable comes to life in cute animal vid.

Mark Twain on masturbation.