This post is a person– who may believe either a gender identity or a Blanchard-Bailey theory of transness– doing their best to write what a Blanchardian believes. Confused about what an Intellectual Turing Test is or what “gender identity” and “Blanchard-Bailey” mean? Click here! Please read, then vote at the end of the post.

How do you define woman/man?

Woman – An adult human assigned female at birth.

Man – An adult human assigned male at birth.

Saying that being a woman or a man is a feeling or state of mind implies that women’s and men’s mindsets are inherently different. The whole concept of gender identity is sexist. “Oh, I like pink, and makeup, and giggling, that’s what women like so I must be a woman.”

It also ignores that for 99.99% of human history and for most people today except a privileged few, there is no changing the categories. If a teenage girl in Somalia really, strongly, identifies as a boy and has done so all her life, that won’t save her from FGM and an arranged marriage.

Even for people who can transition, gender socialization starts at birth. There’ve been tests – parents underestimate their girl babies’ gross motor skills and overestimate for their boys, and assume that a crying girl baby is scared and a crying boy baby is angry. No matter how strongly a man wants breasts and a vagina, it won’t change the fact that everyone around him all his life has treated him as a man.

What are your opinions on the cotton ceiling?

The transwomen who push the idea of the cotton ceiling are sexually entitled male predators. Lots of the anti-cotton ceiling arguments I’ve heard could come from any frat boy. “If you like strap-ons, why don’t you like dick?” “If you like butch women, why don’t you like men?” The most similar concept is the friendzone. There’s no difference between “Women owe me attention and sex , why won’t they give me a chance, if they reject me they’re entitled bitches who hate nerdy guys,” and “Cis women owe me attention and sex, why won’t they give me a chance, if they reject me they’re transmisogynists.”

Lots of these people act like being attracted to women is being attracted to long hair, high heels, dresses, and makeup, instead of being attracted to the female body. They have a femininity fetish and say that women who like vulvas are the ones with a fetish.

Even the ones who accept that lesbians don’t like dick insist that they have to like neovaginas. A surgically created pocket that doesn’t smell or taste anything like a real vulva and is filled with hairballs and E. coli isn’t something any lesbian wants on her face.

On behalf of their enablers, it’s a mix of straight and bi lesbophobes who are thrilled to have a SJ-approved excuse to attack lesbians, bi people who Do Not Get the concept of preferring one set of genitals over another, and self-hating lesbians who attack other lesbians to hide the fact that, deep inside, getting within three feet of a penis makes them want to vomit.

Why are trans women disproportionately likely to be programmers?

Because socially awkward boys who are bad at performing masculinity tend to be drawn to programming. Lots of these boys socialize with other nerdy boys in sketchy places on the internet and get drawn into various anti-feminist ideologies. They look at feminism and think “I don’t have any privilege because I’m not an alpha male, I get bullied, and I can’t get a date.” Some of them become MRAs or join the Alt-Right. Others find transgender ideology. They learn that the fact that they don’t fit in with the popular guys at school and like lesbian porn means they are really lesbians. They are the most oppressed. The girls who won’t go out with them are transmisogynists. Everything fits.

Explain trans people assigned female at birth.

They fit into two categories, just like trans people assigned male at birth.

A) Female people who transition because they don’t want to be women any more. Women and girls who have been hurt and feel like being a man would protect them, or who hate their bodies because of sexual assault. Butch lesbians who face a lot of homophobic harassment and rejection, and who feel like society doesn’t have a place for them but it’s made for straight men, or who hang out in radiqueer communities where everyone assumes gender non-conforming woman = “masculine of center” = trans or nonbinary. GNC women who’ve absorbed the lie that real women don’t have masculine interests. This is a really sad thing when these women transition and then detransition and have to live in their bodies after testosterone and mastectomies.

B) Female people who transition because of autoandrophilia or a desire to be special. Straight slash fangirls who want to be pretty gay boys like in their favorite yaoi. Lonely teenage girls who hang out on Tumblr where everyone talks about the Evil Cishets and how glad they are to be in the Mogai community which is a 24-7 awesome rainbow party and also gives them a bunch of SJ persecution points they can use to win online arguments. Anyone who’s already listed all the fictional characters she’s kin with and her 17 different self diagnosed personality disorders on her Tumblr About Me and is desperate for more ways to make herself special and unique. This is really sad when these women transition, which is why it’s a good thing that they mostly don’t.

The first item on the poll refers to what side you think the author of this post really believes, while the second item refers to what side you believe. When taking the poll, if you can POSSIBLY round yourself off to Blanchard-Bailey or gender identity, please do so. Please do this even if you have major disagreements with the side you are leaning towards. Only use “neither” if you really really really cannot in good conscience round yourself to either.