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How do you define woman/man?

Oh, this is a fun one.

I have managed to construct two definitions that are not mutually inclusive and yet are simultaneously equally true.

The first definition, which I think I’m moving away from somewhat, is that a man or a woman is someone who needs to have the sexed body associated with that gender. This definition makes it very clear that gender dysphoria is ideally the prime factor in transition (regardless of exactly why that dysphoria exists, neuromasculinization/feminization or a certain sexual orientation) while kicking out all those people who claim to be dysphoric but apparently do not need to transition, and simultaneously accounts for people who have not yet transitioned.

I’ve found myself moving away from this definition because as I get increasingly spooked/redpilled on the very concept of gender at all (it’s funny how being a Blanchardian ends up making you look strikingly like a Tumblr genderqueer kid), and part of this is realizing that there is nothing that fundamentally distinguishes trans and cis people, that there are a lot of lesbians doing the exact same shit I am and a lot of men-in-female-bodies who aren’t. Especially the former. There are a lot of guys on 4chan with a greater or lesser degree of AGP who have decided transition will solve all the problems that led them to 4chan to the point we call it ‘falling for the transgender meme’, and only some of them actually should transition by any reasonable definition of ‘will this improve this person’s life’ (including subjective definitions), but they all feel a lot better about having tits than I did. There is no other meaningful behavioural difference between myself and those guys – if I don’t have a female brain, they sure as hell don’t either. (That’s before we throw in the other phenomenon on Tranny 4chan of people who outright identify as cis men and still medically transition, but a good few of those people are blatantly, unquestionably HSTS trans women who have gotten way too deep in repression.)

Still, I go back and forth on if I’m actually that spooked or just a crazy postmodernist. I don’t like postmodernists much, so I don’t see myself aping their style for too much longer, and as the last sentence of that paragraph showed I think there are at least some people-who-are-unambiguously-transsexual and some people-who-are-unambiguously-not.

My other simultaneously-held definition is that a man or a woman is someone who lives in the social role ascribed to people of that sex. A man is called ‘he’ and is assumed to have a penis, a woman is called ‘she’ and is assumed to have a vagina. I’ve found I like this definition, but I cannot unquestioningly use it as a primary one.

The first issue is that this definition makes gender look like a much more fluid thing than it is, and I know very well by my experiences with definition #1 that gender is not fluid. There are also (in certain contexts) four genders by this definition rather than the actual two, in that men who are assumed to have vaginas and women who are assumed to have penises are treated very, very differently than those who are assumed to have genitals matching their genders.

My second issue is that by this definition, I am the only trans man I know who is actually a man. I would not like suggesting this to my trans male friends.

As a result, I’ve combined the definitions in an attempt at covering the massive, all-
consuming gaps in each. This is still better than anything else I’ve found.

What are your opinions on the cotton ceiling?

Having stricter standards than would make you happy and calling people bitches for not sleeping with you are routinely agreed to be bad things by, interestingly enough, the exact same group of people.

I have become so removed from everything involving feminism as an ideology over the past few years that I can no longer say I have ‘an opinion on the cotton ceiling’. It would be great if more people were willing to sleep with transsexuals, in that I would probably not be a virgin if I had better options than Tumblrinas. This is probably vaguely ‘I think the cotton ceiling is a bad thing’, but in reality I’d just be killed by both groups for not wanting to sleep with Tumblrinas.

(The transbians for having standards as an abstract concept, and the cisbians for being a gynephilic natal female not attracted to people who look like them.)

Why are trans women disproportionately likely to be programmers?




Shitposting aside…

My anecdotal observation is that A*P (wildcard asterisk because the association is incredible for both autogynephilia and autoandrophilia) is heavily associated with nerdiness, and I am far from the only person to make this observation. Male nerds become coders/game developers/channers. Female nerds become fujoshi/YA authors/tumblrinas. Guess where I’ve met a lot of trans people.

On the other hand, I don’t think the association is solely with AGP, because I’ve met HSTS trans women (the immediate associations being Kay Brown/Candice Brown Elliott and Blaire White) who work or study in IT fields. (And in turn I’ve met a lot of trans men of both types, myself included, whose thing is writing.) It’s a strong, strong association…but men and women who are transsexual are more likely to enter literature- or computer- related paths respectively than those who are not no matter their apparent etiology.

So here’s my tentative answer for what the typology doesn’t cover: Trans people are weird.

If you’ve met enough of us, you’ve probably figured that one out by now.

Explain trans people assigned female at birth.

Roughly half are autoandrophilic, the other half fit the HSTS profile. Blanchard really dropped the ball on this one.

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