This post is a person– who may believe either a gender identity or a Blanchard-Bailey theory of transness– doing their best to write what a gender identity theory supporter believes. Confused about what an Intellectual Turing Test is or what “gender identity” and “Blanchard-Bailey” mean? Click here! Please read, then vote at the end of the post.

How do you define woman/man?

A woman is someone with a female gender identity. A man is someone with a male gender identity. Gender identity is your innate sense of what your gender is caused by changes in certain regions of the brain, and has nothing to do with gender roles and only a correlation with biological sex (though when gender identity and biological sex don’t coincide, that tends to cause no end of grief in the form of gender dysphoria).

What are your opinions on the cotton ceiling?

The cotton ceiling – the phenomenon where trans women are discriminated against in lesbian spaces – is a genuine problem that has to end.

TERFs obsess over the idea of ‘male socialization’ in trans women as a dog whistle for their transmisogyny. The idea that WLW (women-loving women) are ‘more like men than women’ is a lesbophobic stalwart that’s especially sad when it’s being espoused by actual lesbians, who should know better, and the behaviours they claim are symptomatic of male socialization/privilege are just as stereotypical as the idea that butch women aren’t really women either – besides, how is it ‘entitled’ for a member of an oppressed group to vent her sorrow that she faces discrimination?

Most arguments against the ‘cotton ceiling’ also rely on misunderstandings about what trans WLW want out of their relationships. Trans WLW don’t always want to use their pre-op/non-op genitals (though some do, and some cis lesbians are fine with this), and the ways hormones change them means they usually can’t engage in PIV sex anyway. Plus, asexual and post-op trans WLW exist. TERF arguments in favour of the cotton ceiling usually come from the idea that trans women must want to have PIV with them (which, again, some do! And there are cis lesbians who want that!) and that saying cis women should sleep with trans women is ‘another form of conversion therapy’ – brave move coming from people who call transition that.

Why are trans women disproportionately likely to be programmers?

Trans girls raised as boys will usually be pushed into masculine hobbies, and the most unisex ‘masculine’ hobbies by far are the nerdy ones. Further into adulthood, nerdy men don’t have as high an expectation of masculinity upon them as ‘alpha’ ones. Of course we’re going to see a lot of nerdy trans women.

Plus, how are we so sure it’s disproportionate? If there wasn’t an invisible filter against women in STEM, we’d see at least as many cis women in the field.

Why do many trans women experience sexual fantasies about being or becoming a woman?

It is really, really socially unacceptable for a ‘man’ to say ‘he’ ‘wants to be’ a woman, and testosterone and repression are both a hell of a drug.

If you’re pushing your true self so deep within you almost forget she exists…you’re not going to be able to actually pull that off. She’s going to remind you, no matter what you do. If she can’t remind you through any other possible route, she’ll remind you through a sexual one. Besides, being transgender is (increasingly less, but still) taboo anyway – it makes sense for those who peddle in the taboo to hijack the whole experience.

The fact these sexual fantasies drop to zero in almost every trans woman who takes estrogen shows they’re just the result of high testosterone levels in a female brain. (Probably. Let’s get some studies on detransitioned women who used to be trans men!)

I guess there are also a few genuine fetishists who go too far, but I don’t think they make up the majority of trans women the way Blanchard wants you to think, and they would detransition quickly once they realize what they’ve done to themselves. Gender dysphoria is not fun.

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