Confused about what an Intellectual Turing Test is or what “gender identity” and “Blanchard-Bailey” mean? Click here! Please read, then vote at the end of the post.

How do you define woman/man?

A woman is someone who identifies better with, or is in some way happier with, the general XX-chromosomes-associated body type and the social role her society tends to assign to people in that body type. Correspondingly, a man is someone who feels that same way towards the XY body type and the social roles involved.

‘Social roles’ doesn’t necessarily mean being the epitome of masculinity or femininity. A man can be perfectly happy in a typical ‘woman’s job’ but still prefer to be called he and not wear dresses.

What are your opinions on the cotton ceiling?

The cotton ceiling can easily be seen as, well, a bit rapey, a demand that people have sex with people they don’t want to, and that’s obviously a problem. But at least some of the sentiment is not ‘you should have sex with me to be a good ally’ but ‘the sensation that I’m disgusting and nobody could ever want me as a sexual partner is really hurtful, and I think to some extent it’s a result of prejudices about transgender women’. Nobody but you has the right to say who you have sex with, but voicing pain should not be automatically seen as a demand.

Why are trans women disproportionately likely to be programmers?

This is specifically true of a subgroup of transwomen who share various other traits, like being attracted to women and having a high IQ and enjoying BDSM. At a guess, there is in some meaningful sense a ‘neurotype’ which tends to share these traits.

(Note that autistic people are more likely to be programmers and also more likely to have gender issues.)

Why do many trans women experience sexual fantasies about being or becoming a woman?

So-called ‘autogynephiles’ are also more likely to be, well, gynephiles. People who are attracted to women.

I think fantasising about having a body you like better is perfectly understandable for transgender people, and if said body is also one you are sexually attracted to, it’s not surprising that the fantasy turns sexual. Autogynephilia is a natural result of gynephilia plus physical dysphoria.

When taking the poll, if you can POSSIBLY round yourself off to Blanchard-Bailey or gender identity, please do so. Please do this even if you have major disagreements with the side you are leaning towards. Only use “neither” if you really really really cannot in good conscience round yourself to either.