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We are approaching the end of the Transgender Intellectual Turing Test submission period! Remember that submissions will not be accepted after March 1st. If you’re considering participating, please finish up your submissions soon!

In addition, I’m uncertain about whether the polls should allow the participants to specify whether they believe in gender identity, the Blanchard-Bailey theory, or neither. In the previous ITT, social justice people and anti-social-justice people generally agreed on their assessments of any given post, which is a point in favor of not bothering. In addition, while many of my readers legitimately do not believe in either theory and would be excluded if I didn’t have an “other” option, y’all are a bunch of special snowflakes and whenever I offer an “other” option for anything you will take it even if you are J. Michael Bailey himself. On the other hand, if we don’t divide up the categories, a post might win on the basis of catering to the stereotypes of one particular group, even though it isn’t actually a good impersonation of that point of view. So discuss what I should do in the comments.