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What discourse norms do you tend to follow? Why? Do you think everyone else should follow them, and why?

Never treat people differently based on demographics. This is literally the definition of equality, and treating people differently clearly isn’t going to lead to equality. I do think everyone should follow this norm — well, I guess you don’t have to if you don’t want equality, but isn’t equality what this is all about? Also, never doxx or send death threats. Apparently that’s controversial.

What is the true reason, deep down, that you believe what you believe? What piece of evidence, test, or line of reasoning would convince you that you’re wrong about your ideology?

Anyone can become successful, there’s no demographic-based obstacles on this. It’s obvious, since you can name any “disadvantaged” demographic and cite dozens of people who are successful in any way you care to define “success”. But obviously, sexism (for example) is still a real thing on some level, because people still hate each other based on gender. I’d believe it was systemic if you could actually prove the so-called “gender wage gap” was real. There’s a big thing SJWs tend to cite for each demographic, and basically the same test for all of them.

Explain Gamergate.

Zoe Quinn slept with five guys. I wasn’t there for the beginning so I have no idea how we got from A to B, but somehow or another, this lead to a movement to get video game journalists and creators to stop selling out for progressiveness points, and to get SJWs to stop using minorities as a shield against criticism. The media didn’t like this and decided to paint all of GG as evil misogynists to discredit them, which is hilarious because what kind of group that hates women in tech raises $60,000 to get women into tech?