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1. What discourse norms do you tend to follow? Why? Do you think everyone else should follow them, and why?

If I am entering a new space, I respect the norms of those that have created that space. However, if I am able to I do work to increase the respect for all participants within that space. I work to set an example for newcomers and can instruct junior members of the community if needed.

2. What is the true reason, deep down, that you believe what you believe? What piece of evidence, test, or line of reasoning would convince you that you’re wrong about your ideology?

Like everyone else, I am the product of my upbringing, societal and economic forces, and the legacy of decisions of people that have come before me. But I am not a simple stimulus-response machine. If I see that my view of the world harms other people, I am able to change that. I like to think that I am both flexible enough and open enough to the truth that if someone can demonstrate where I am wrong, I could change my beliefs to make the world better.

3. Explain Gamergate.

Gamergate is nothing new. It’s about misogyny among disadvantaged males. When a man is unsuccessful according to the capitalist standard, he tries to regain status by emphasizing his place in the kyriarchy. In the case of the poor white southerner, he elevates himself by denigrating persons of color. In cases where race is not available to him, he elevates his status as a male be denigrating women. In the case of gamergate, non-traditionally- successful males created a male-only (or at least male-dominated) space around their hobbies where women were permitted mainly as decoration, fantasy object, or reward (compare with professional sports, where women are allowed only as cheerleaders or trophy wives). When women demanded access to their segregated space, the male feels threatened; he can’t have superiority if women are considered equals (or even worse superiors!) so he has to drive them out of his space. In the case of gamergate, this gender-cleansing takes the form of rape and death threats, and other gender-specific forms of harassment.