The 2015 US Trans Survey is open for business!

Its previous incarnation– the National Transgender Discrimination Survey– is the largest survey ever about trans people in the United States. It provided invaluable data for trans rights advocates, including the infamous statistic that 41% of trans people have attempted suicide. The new survey asks a bunch of new questions that really get into the details of how transphobia works, from harassment to familial rejection to sex work to experiences in institutions; in addition, it provides updated statistics and (hopefully, with your help) an even larger sample size.

The Trans Survey is open to all trans-identified individuals, including genderqueer and nonbinary individuals. They specifically asked questions about detransitioned people and crossdressers, which leads me to believe that detransitioners and crossdressers are also welcome to take the survey. You must be living in the United States or in a US territory or be living on a US military base. Be aware that this survey will ask about sensitive experiences, such as your history of rape, abuse, suicidality, and transphobic discrimination. It takes between half an hour and ninety minutes to complete.

If you are cisgender, please consider raising awareness of this survey among your transgender friends. It’s very important that we collect accurate data about transgender people and transphobia.