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Every time you call a pro-life person anti-choice, I cringe. Every time you say the reason that people are pro-life is misogyny, I cringe really fucking hard. (Saying that the pro-life position is misogynistic is allowed, just like saying that three strikes laws are racist is allowed even if some people support them because they  think the laws will reduce the crime rate and not because they hate black people.)

Look, people. I went to Catholic school. I spent a lot of time around pro-life people. I took classes from a guy who was arrested for chaining himself in front of the abortion clinic. I know the pro-life mindset from the inside. In ninety-nine out of a hundred cases, when people are pro-life, it is not because they hate women and want them to go through forced pregnancy, or because they want to punish irresponsible sluts by forcing them to have kids, or because they don’t want people to have sex.

It is because they believe that fetuses are people and that killing them is murder. You know. Like they keep shouting while waving around those horrible gory pictures. They say it enough, you’d think people would pick up on it.

Yes, abortion clinic protestors are assholes. On the other hand, if you think about it, their response is remarkably restrained given that they think what’s going on inside is literally murder. Like, at that point, yelling “you don’t have to do this! Your baby has a heartbeat!” sounds almost compassionate.

Also: pro-life people are not campaigning for waiting periods because they think women are too dumb to make up their own minds about abortion, they’re imposing waiting periods because they want to make abortion hard to access so people have fewer of them. The former is their paper-thin rationalization. I thought that was obvious to everyone but apparently it’s not.

The anti-contraceptive position is more difficult. Most of the pro-life people I know are pro-contraception because contraception reduces abortion rates, although some of them support a religious exemption so that people don’t have to pay for things they find immoral. (I wish I didn’t have to pay for government programs I found immoral.) The Catholic Church has its teleological justification for not using birth control, but I don’t know why some Protestants don’t like it. And, yeah, you are free to call anyone who doesn’t support birth control because they think Sandra Fluke is a slut a misogynist, with my blessing.