Long* did Slate Star Codex and Thing of Things live in peace, each tending to their separate magesteria: Thing of Things gets race and gender, Slate Star Codex gets everything else.

But then! Slate Star Codex announced that its latest open thread would permit discussion of Hyde and Mertz (2009). And when we click through the link, what do we see?

“Gender, culture, and mathematics performance.”

This is an unprovoked invasion of Slate Star Codex onto Thing of Things territory! ThingofThingsians, will you stand for this? Will you watch as our cherished traditions fall to the barbarian Slate Star Codex hordes? Will you watch as our great provinces– creep-shaming, Nice Guys ™, reproductively viable worker ants, yes, even arguments in favor of genocide– one by one get annexed to SSC?

Or will you FIGHT?

(As befits a war council, this will be an unmoderated thread. Thing of Things totally endorses fighting in the War Room.)

(I can’t think of a way to tie this into the war theme but, yo, assholes, give Multi money. She’s a bisexual amab trans person in Russia and would like to be a bisexual amab trans person in Canada, a state of affairs beneficial to her and, more importantly, to my ability to not freak out every time I read news about LGBT people in Russia. Rescue ALL the ingroup members from their shitty life situations!)

*a term which here means “for like two months”