Ack I procrastinated on writing the post explaining blog reruns and then one of the blog reruns happened.

So! As you may or may not be aware, I am going to App Academy for the next three months. I am probably not going to have time to write. However, I do have a large number of blog posts past mes have written that are hard to get at (either you have to use the Wayback Machine or you have to visit the Good Men Project’s godawful website). So it would be nice to have them in a readily available archive, and thus the next three months will consist of reruns of blog posts I’d written before on NSWATM and Ozy Frantz’s Blog.

I do not necessarily endorse any statements made within rerun blog posts. Past Me used the word “masculist” unironically and liked Michael Kimmel and really enjoyed strawmanning Fox News columnists. If you are like “God, Ozy, that sounds stupid” there is at least a fifty percent chance I will go “yep.”

(I do endorse the one about different senses of racism, though.)