Happy birthday, Giving What We Can! Have you taken the pledge?

Leah Libresco responded to my request for an Effective Altruism holiday by proposing John Snow Day on September 8th. I really like this idea! I look forward to many, many jokes about sewage and/or knowing nothing.

Kidney donation can save 14 quality-adjusted life years at a cost of less than a month of life-years. Related: did you know you can also do living donations of your liver and lungs? And be sure to sign up for the marrow donor registry!

(Apparently the strategy I have worked out for nonconfrontationally bringing up effective altruism is link posts.)

Whenever I read stories about really clever people doing really evil things, I end up rooting for the clever evil people. Thus: a man makes $200 million of perfect counterfeits and gets away scott-free; Roger Ailes created a classic, completely false attack ad and made Mitch McConnell Senator. Slytherins are the most sympathetic.

Catholic nun who ministers to trans people. I have a pretty complicated relationship with Christianity, which means that, asshole atheism aside, this story really warmed my heart.

Don’t know if it’s true but it’s interesting: argument that Chinese test scores are better than Americans’ because the Chinese school system emphasizes rote learning, suggesting that poor American test scores is not actually an example of a failure on Americans’ part.

Recently Tumblr reminded me that Julia Serano has a blog. Someday, when I grow up, I want to apply the same precise and nuanced thought which she does to gender issues to everything. In particular, I wish to highlight her discussion of the history of the word “tranny”, her defense of people more attracted to trans people than to cis people, and this article about cissexism and transmisogyny faced by people who may be considered ‘cis’, which includes some of the most biting satire I’ve heard on the topic.

Evidence suggests small-scale charitable interventions have problems scaling.

Ally Fogg on male violence. “Male violence” is a phrase I tend to use in private but not in public (similar to “patriarchy” or “benevolent sexism”) because of exactly the misunderstandings and misuses that he points out. I endorse this article.

A guide to gender-diverse parenting.

How to leave money to your charity in your will.

The Firestone tire company aided a notorious Liberian warlord.

When I was in high school, I read the New York Times Style section cover-to-cover every Sunday. The Awl has a history of the Style section, from the talented female reporters on awful beats to Thursgay Style to the rise of the Modern Love column. Unfortunately, it does not include information about how you get your wedding in the wedding section, a question I have literally been wondering about for eight years.

Museums are starting to reconsider dioramas of Native Americans. An interesting examination of how to educate people about Native American cultures without assuming the museum-goer is not a Native American and treating Native Americans as if they are as extinct as dinosaurs.

Did you know that initially no one in Jonestown wanted to commit suicide? I doubt this was news to Jonestown aficionados, but I had no idea. I feel like I have a lot less of a handle on how abusive communities work than I do on how abusive relationships work, so the article in general was an interesting insight for me.